10 Tipps For More Traffic! (For Blog Beginners)

The tipps are easy and known be every professional and semi-professional blogger – but for beginners the tipps can be a great help for more visitors!

1.) Comment in other blogs! Be active in other blogs of the buisness – but don`t spam, thats stupid. When you write a great comment the readers will follow the link.

2.) Subscribe your best articles to Social Media-Services like Seotagg, Digg or Sphinn – can bring a lot of traffic! And: Social Bookmarks like delicious, Mister Wong and so on can bring a few visitors too!

3.) Write cool articles which are helpfull! When it`s great other blogs will link it!

4.) Subscribe your blog to blog-listings!

5.) One blog-post per day is the minimum. (Well, not all bloggers think so. But the reader must see that you`re active!) This is very important for new blogs like seocity!

6.) This “Tipp” is not so great. But when you want a lot of traffic blog about youporn and redtube. Sex sells! (It`s difficult to rank for youporn in the serps on the first site. But it`s possible with hard work!

And so on! Feel free to add some tipps per comment! (Tipp 1 ;))


Forget the Page Rank!

That`s what i say newbies every day! Forget About The Page Rank

Forget about when and if Page Rank will update and spend your time building a better blog!

Only when you want to earn money with paid links or paid blogging you need a high pr to get a lot money from the buyer! But otherwise you can forget the Page Rank; which is not called that you`ve to forget all about seo! That`s not the point!