Digg Clones in Germany


Today I’ll write about German digg-clones. Maybe you know a few of them, for example yigg or webnews. The latter is not so great, but yigg is not bad – for German as me. The problem with webnews is, that there are only boulevard-news,..such as Big Brother etc.But these services are not so big as dig…moreover the digg-effect isn’t existing.

At digg you have thousands off diggs, but here? Here at yigg we have only twenty-five yigg’s at the frontpage! That’s absolutely sparse!
But why? You know that the German language is not so common, right? English ist the native language from several millions people in the whole world! I think a direct comparison isn`t impossible. But you see: German digg-clones have no chance..shit happens.

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