David Wilkinson – 13 years old Problogger!

David Wilkinson is a 13 years old problogger! He started when he was 12. Very cool! Today he run his own company “zi media”  – for example a blog network with five blogs. He blogs on techzi.net. I think David have a great future. He`s so young and earn a lot of money with the things which he do every day!

He was also in the blog of Darren Rowse (problogger.net) and on air at BBC Radio! That`s promotion!


10 Tipps For More Traffic! (For Blog Beginners)

The tipps are easy and known be every professional and semi-professional blogger – but for beginners the tipps can be a great help for more visitors!

1.) Comment in other blogs! Be active in other blogs of the buisness – but don`t spam, thats stupid. When you write a great comment the readers will follow the link.

2.) Subscribe your best articles to Social Media-Services like Seotagg, Digg or Sphinn – can bring a lot of traffic! And: Social Bookmarks like delicious, Mister Wong and so on can bring a few visitors too!

3.) Write cool articles which are helpfull! When it`s great other blogs will link it!

4.) Subscribe your blog to blog-listings!

5.) One blog-post per day is the minimum. (Well, not all bloggers think so. But the reader must see that you`re active!) This is very important for new blogs like seocity!

6.) This “Tipp” is not so great. But when you want a lot of traffic blog about youporn and redtube. Sex sells! (It`s difficult to rank for youporn in the serps on the first site. But it`s possible with hard work!

And so on! Feel free to add some tipps per comment! (Tipp 1 ;))

Forget the Page Rank!

That`s what i say newbies every day! Forget About The Page Rank

Forget about when and if Page Rank will update and spend your time building a better blog!

Only when you want to earn money with paid links or paid blogging you need a high pr to get a lot money from the buyer! But otherwise you can forget the Page Rank; which is not called that you`ve to forget all about seo! That`s not the point!

Youporn, Redtube, Pornotube: The Google Trends

Just a short thing – important for all who will optimate his blog or one article for one “porn-keyword” like Youporn (blue), Redtube (red) or Pornotube (yellow):

The trend of youporn is awesome! Pornotube and Redtube aren`t so bad too! I am strained what will happen with the trends in the future!

Making Money with google adsense? Shoemoney make it!

My favourite picture:

Only cool!

Digg Clones in Germany


Today I’ll write about German digg-clones. Maybe you know a few of them, for example yigg or webnews. The latter is not so great, but yigg is not bad – for German as me. The problem with webnews is, that there are only boulevard-news,..such as Big Brother etc.But these services are not so big as dig…moreover the digg-effect isn’t existing.

At digg you have thousands off diggs, but here? Here at yigg we have only twenty-five yigg’s at the frontpage! That’s absolutely sparse!
But why? You know that the German language is not so common, right? English ist the native language from several millions people in the whole world! I think a direct comparison isn`t impossible. But you see: German digg-clones have no chance..shit happens.

Btw, good SMO (Social Media Optimization) brings a lot of traffic for your blog. It`s good when you use more than one social media.

Earn money with Youporn – with Redtube too!


Do you want to earn money? Yeah? Okay, just do it! It`s easier, than you think. Youporn is a great chance to earn a lot of money. In germany they was banned because it`s bad for kids and teens. So they was banned from google too. The word is searched by very much people! When you look at the Serps you can see a lot of blogs and sites which rank for youporn at top-positions. The traffic on the first and second page is very high!

So. When you have an article which ranks great for keywords like youporn, pornotube, redtube and youporn.com than you must only one thing for the money: took a banner from a xxx-affililate system on it! (Here in germany are only a few systems like that, but in the us etc. much more!)

Or in an other way: Put layer on the site! They are paid in TKP (4$)

The Ctr is perfect! By the way; it can be that this hype is past! But up to then..